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Your child develops with debateX

În prezent, grupele de curs sunt în desfășurare. Următoarele ateliere încep în Iulie. Lasă-ne datele pentru a te anunța când deschidem înscrieri noi.

Did you know that students who practice debate have 20% higher academic performance?

In addition, debate courses develop public speaking, critical thinking and confidence - skills for the future that you train in a fun way.


Works with experienced trainers, regional and national champions, coaches of the national debating team of Romania, passionate about debates and debates themselves.


He constantly practices the most broad used languaged - the courses are held exclusively in English. The "Speaking" test from the language exams will be much easier.


Twice a year we organize a debating tournament for all students in the school to practice their acquired skills in a competitive format


Our courses are predominantly taught online, on the Zoom platform. Some of our instructors live in Holland, Great Britain or France. Many students are from Romania, but also from countries such as Turkey or the Republic of Moldova.

What students and their parents say about debateX courses  ?

Victoria, Andrei, Oana, Marryem and Vera, today all students at prestigious international universities, tell what the debateX experience was like for them.

From planning your argument - even if it's one you disagree with - to choosing your words carefully, debating will prepare your child to successfully face the challenges of school, university and career.

Critical Thinking

Learn to formulate well-thought-out arguments, to question the evidence behind a particular position or conclusion. Critical thinking helps him build a healthy attitude towards 'fake news' type phenomena. 

Confidence Boost

As a good orator and with the presentation skills you will acquire, you will be more confident in your oral exams, admissions or job interviews

Emotions control

Balance and composure are constantly practiced during debate classes.  In fact, managing emotions will help your child gain respect in every area of his personal and professional life.

Smart learning

He will gain extensive knowledge, from subjects outside the school curriculum, but still relevant: economy, social events, international politics, philosophy, world affairs.

​What do debateX trainers say about debates?

Teo, debateX trainer - midle school

Find out from former national champion and debateX trainer Teo why he loves debating and why he teaches debate.

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