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About the debates 

What are debates?

Debates are reasoned discussion that involves tolerance for different points of view and rigorous analysis of one's own views. They are a method of building and evaluating arguments that allows debaters to better understand their own or those around them's opinions and positions. 


Debates cultivate the essential democratic values of free and open discussion. Young people train to speak in public and debate topics of interest to our society. Through the exercise of debates and critical thinking, they develop their argumentation and interest in civic issues or topics of major interest to society, becoming the opinion leaders of their generation.

Word Schools format

Academic debates are inspired by parliamentary debates, originating in several countries at different times, including 19th century England.  Currently, there are several types of format, includingBritish Parliamentary,Policy Debate,Australs, orWorld Schools

The format of our courses is inspired from the World Schools format, which is used atWorld Championship of Academic Debates, international tournament that brings together the best team from each country, in which the National Debate Team of Romania also participates, coordinated by ARDOR (Romanian Debate, Oratory and Rhetoric Association). In recent years, the Romanian team qualified for the round of 16 of the Championship and was awarded 1st place in the English as a Foreign Language (EFL) category. 

Each debate contains 8 speeches, divided between 2 teams. The teams debate, for and against, a topic prepared in advance or on the spot. The topics can be from any field, for example society, political philosophy, economy, education, business, art or entertainment, etc. 

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