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AI & YOU - How to adapt in the ChatGPT era

AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology is increasingly present in our world and the way we interact with it. Learning to use AI language models can be an asset in dealing with this ever-changing environment.

Have you noticed how much the world we live in has evolved thanks to AI technology? Well, this technology surrounds us more and more, and as children of this digital age, it is important that we learn how to adapt and use it in a conscious and responsible way.

Learning to use AI language patterns can be a fascinating challenge for us kids. These models can become a useful tool in our daily activities. We can use AI to help us learn, solve problems and find answers to our questions.

But how can we navigate this ever-changing world where AI is becoming more and more present? It's important to be curious and always learn new things about AI. We can explore various applications of this technology, such as voice assistants or robots, and enjoy the benefits they bring to our lives.

However, we must be aware of the challenges involved in using AI. It is important to ask how we can use AI in an ethical and responsible way. Let's think about our values and how we can contribute to a fair and safe use of this technology.

Another important aspect to explore is how much we can rely on AI. Even though AI technology is smart, it is not perfect and can make mistakes. We need to understand that AI is a human-made tool and that we can only use it with confidence when we are careful and consider the context and information it provides.

As I said, AI technology offers us amazing opportunities, but we have to learn how to navigate this new territory. We have the ability to be creators and innovators in the world of AI. With a clear understanding of the impact of this technology and the care to use it responsibly, we can do wonderful things and contribute to the progress of society in the age of AI.

Dear children and parents, in the era of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology, we have a unique opportunity to explore and understand the fascinating world of AI language patterns, such as ChatGPT.

debateX offers you the workshop "AI & YOU" where you will have the opportunity to discover how you can use these models to your advantage.

AI Teodor Sovaiala summer workshop

"AI & YOU" debateX Workshop

⌛When? 17th - 19th of July (15:00 - 17:00 Bucharest Time)


🎯Session group? Only with middle school students

One of the important things you will learn is how to adapt to this ever-changing world that uses more and more AI. We will explore how AI impacts our everyday lives and how we can adapt in a conscious and responsible way.

  • One fascinating topic we will explore is the morality of AI. We will discuss the ethical dilemmas surrounding the use of AI and try to form our own opinion: is AI a good thing or not? We will develop the ability to think critically and debate these important issues.

  • We will also explore the question of whether AI is just a tool or can completely replace humans. We will examine the advantages and disadvantages of using AI in different fields and reflect on the impact it can have on our lives.

  • Furthermore, we will ask whether we can trust AI and how we can safely navigate this environment. We will explore ways we can work with AI and take advantage of its benefits, while maintaining vigilance and discernment to ensure we are relying on accurate and verified information.

By attending this workshop, you will gain valuable knowledge about AI and how to use this technology responsibly. You will develop critical thinking, adaptive skills and the ability to make informed decisions in an ever-evolving world.

We look forward to having you join us in our workshop and discover together the fascinating world of AI and AI language models, such as ChatGPT!

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