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Frequent questions

How can I register for debate courses?

You can register for our debate courses, as well as for the camps organized during the summer during the corresponding registration periods, by filling in the registration form available on the website.

How long are the courses for students?

Our curriculum is designed on several modules coveringthree years of study. Every module takes place during a semester of14 weeks. After completing the first module, you can continue by enrolling in the next module.

Can I still register after the course start date?

Yes, you can still register, but up to a maximum of three weeks from the start date of the courses.

When are classes held for students?

The courses are organized for the duration of one school year, starting in autumn and ending in June. The year is structured in two semesters, eachsemester having a duration of14 weeks. In the year2021-2022, classes start during the week11-15 October 2021 and ends in the weekMay 30-June 3, 2022. The first semester runs from October 11, 2021 to February 6, 2022. 

During ayear they go throughtwo modules, thought progressively and adapted to the level of experience in debates. To become an experienced debater requires many years of training and practicing argumentative skills.

Do you organize courses during the holidays?

During the summer vacation, we organize one-week camps, which you can sign up for before the start. During the camps, we propose both debate workshops and content workshops with various themes, adapted to the age level and experience in debates. 

How do I know if my level of English is good enough?

The minimum level of English to be able to participate in the debateX courses, both for children and adults isB2, and in rare cases, B1 (if the spoken level is better than the written one). So, if you have level B1, you will be contacted by phone for an interview.

This level is necessary because in the debateX courses you will have to participate in conversations, debates and present fluent speeches in English on a variety of topics. So please be honest in your self-assessment because a basic English level will not allow you to enjoy the debateX courses.

​If you already have a relevant certification or course, please also mention the score in the form. Here are some examples:

  • completed course certifying level B2;

  • for secondary school, Cambridge PET over 160p;

  • for high school, FCE or CAE over 160p or CPE;

  • for adults some examples include Cambridge Business Vantage over 160p, Cambridge Business Higher;

  • other examples for teenagers or adults are: IELTS score above 5.5, TOEFL iBT above 72p;

  • you can check at this link or at this link more information.

If you are a student, in the absence of a certification, please make this briefEnglish language test and fill in the result in the form. If you have a level above B2, you can enroll in the course. If the level is below B2, you will be contacted for an interview at the phone number sent in the application form. 

​If you are an adult, in the absence of certification, you will be contacted by us fora short telephone interview which will take place in a mutually agreed upon interval. The discussion will last around 15 minutes and afterwards we will communicate the result to you.

How many people are in the group? 

numbermaximum of participants is10, and the numberminimum of participants is6

How does the age division work?

Adults (people over 18, who have finished high school) always form separate groups. 

Normally,the students middle school students form separate groups from high school students. So we will havegroups forgrades 6-8, respectivelygrades 9-12.

In exceptional cases, depending on the number of students enrolled in each period, mixed groups can be formed, with the consent of the participants. Our priority is, even in these cases, that the age difference between the students is not more than 3 years. 

If your child does not fit into the Romanian education system, please specify in the form the equivalent of the class in the Romanian education system. 

How much are debating classes for students?

The value of eachmodule can be paid inmonthly fees of320 lei orin full, 1200 lei, before the start of the course for an entire module, thus benefiting from a small discount. The monthly fee is paid the first time upon registration, and thereafter at the beginning of each month for the current month, regardless of the number of sessions held during that month. Discounts offered to partner organizations or for bringing a friend may apply to this amount.

How do I pay the participation fee? 

You will receive the information regarding the payment details in the e-mail confirming the formation of the group in which you are assigned. Please pay within5 calendar days since receiving this email. If we have limited places, the places are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, being confirmed by paying the participation fee. If you are a student, please register using your parents' contact details as indicated on the form. 

How does the Bring a Friend discount work?

If you are a student, both you and a friend who enrolls in our courses can each benefit from this discount. For this you and the friend who is enrolling in the courses need to fill inapplication form same sentence which will representyour code for granting the discount. This discount will applyonce, justduring the first year while you are both enrolledin classes andit is not cumulative than with the reduction related to the full payment. 


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